NAAUNew American Art Union (Portland, OR)
NAAUNational Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (est. 2001)
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(40) (= [12]) and (42) are long passives, whereas (41) and (43) are short passives.(14) Cantonese (40) (long passive) Keoi bei2 ngo naau. he BEI I scold `He was scolded by me.' (41) (short passive) Keoi jiging bei6 bou.
The ungrammaticality of (70) is a piece of strong evidence that falsifies the possibility of having a pro/PRO in the agent-argument position in long passives.(20) (70) *Keoi bei2 pro/PRO naau. he BEI scold `He was scolded.'
Vishnupur me avatari ke makan se naau bb ke makan tak intercloking and nali nirmad work
The round table was held on the basis of the legal club "RRAVOKATOR" with the participation of specialists of the Coordination Center for the provision of legal assistance, directors of the Regional and local centers for the provision of free secondary legal aid in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, military prosecutors of the Kharkiv Garrison of the Joint Forces , officers of the legal service of the Military Service of the Law Enforcement of the Armed Forces, officers of the Legal Group of Military Units and representatives of the Committee for Coordination of the Legal Submission members of their families and settlers at the NAAU.
Tenders are invited for Accreditation and monitoring works (services) through supervision at the national accreditation agency of ukraine (naau) (performance monitoring services performed by the certification body of the management systems of the state enterprise ukrmettresstandart )