NAAVENative Active Aortic Valve Endocarditis
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A number of his acquaintances are shown in this scenario including a naAve and somewhat foolish young American Robert Cohn who did not fight in Europe during the war but is trying to `pretend' and `feel' like those who did.
"We are not the type of team to crowd referees, but I guess sometimes we are a bit naAve and don't protest as much as we should when there's a foul.
However, I feel they are naave and being duped by a nebulous group of possibly nefarious individuals from the capital.
It is strange that some desperate and naave politicians on the top are demanding election on schedule or ahead of schedule ignoring the realities on the ground, mainly the adverse security environment around Pakistan or in the whole region where Americans can be involved in any misadventure against Iran on one pretext or the other.Pakistan can ill afford uncertainty in business, trade, politics and administration or paralyzing the entire administration till a new Government is elected and installed.
But their logic was confronted by two fixated mindsets, a naave state of denial in Pakistan, exemplified by the former interior minister's claim of no IS presence, and the US' obsession with Haqqani network, that made it oblivious, by gullibility or ulterior design, to the far greater threat presented by IS fighters fleeing from Iraq and Syria, and seeking fresh killing fields.
One of the most revered is young Horus, a naAve and carefree prince whose coronation was violently prevented by his ambitious uncle.
They are naAve enough to believe that if we were to erase this artificial 'thin line', there would be no India-Pakistan problems and we would be living happily thereafter at peace together as 'one people' with no need for any armed forces.
His writings are simple, looks very naAve but at the same time revealing truth that sometimes looks very bitter and hostile.
With the EC Harris forecast of construction industry inflation and that forecast cannot be dismissed as outlandish in the face of gigantic Qatar infrastructure projects in pipeline it will be naAve to assume that inflation will retain its moderate course in the years to come.
Part three is seven practical lessons for people who will be engaged in these debates, based on past events: don't be naAve about the law, don't rely only on the courts, be involved in the decision-making process, and so on.
Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate modulates differentiation of naAve CD4+ T cells into specific lineage effector cells.
The most widely used supervised techniques are Decision Tree K- Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Support Vector Machine (SVM) Neural Network and NaAve Bayesian Classifier [4].