NAAWNational Addictions Awareness Week
NAAWNational Access Awareness Week (Canada)
NAAWNative American Awareness Week
NAAWNational Association for the Advancement of Wellness (Sacramento, CA)
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It is the final year for, Edmonton to host the NAAW kick-off event.
The national headquarters for NAAW is hosted by Nechi--an Aboriginal movement focused on promoting holistic healing and healthy, addiction-free living.
NAAW is celebrating its fourteenth year of fighting addictions, and rejoicing in the successes of individuals who have overcome them.
This year, NAAW will officially begin with a Join the Circle Rally and Walk Sober, to be held in Edmonton Nov.
Another new feature of this year's NAAW will be a theme contest, giving youth from across Canada a chance to come up with a theme for next year's NAAW activities.
Since 1997, the theme of NAAW has been "It takes a whole community to raise a child." This year will be the last year for that theme to be used.
To take part in the contest, each group must organize an event or activity for this year's NAAW, coming up with a theme for their activity.
"The sunset clause, which has been agreed to by all nine regions, will allow NAAW to keep going while negotiating with the provinces and regional offices to see if they can contribute to the continuation of NAAW," she continued.
Those funding cuts have hit NAAW's other component more severely.
"This year -- they, too, have seen the tremendous impact that NAAW has had -- the federal government has been terribly supportive," Mayo said.