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NABATNational Association of Breath Alcohol Technicians
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The original interagency Bat Grid, led by the US Forest Service and with participation by many partners across Oregon and Washington from 2003-2010, established baseline distributional data for bats throughout Oregon and Washington and provided the foundation for the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat).
AZERBAIJANI POET Nariman Hasanzade is well known across the Soviet sphere for A untie Nabat's Bread (1974), his thinly disguised memoir and bildungsroman.
Rabbi Yosef Green's reappraisal of Jeroboam ben Nabat (JBQ 44:2) was an eye-opener for those who never realized that there were many positive aspects to Jeroboam, termed the first and most wicked king of North Israel.
Others still at large are owner/ contractor Maj (r) Anwar, head-operator Mahar Husnain, Capt (r) Nabat Khattak and engineer Mirza Zohaib.
They included media presenter at TV Rogge Kurd and resident in France Jamal Burkreem; Information Office official in Arab Struggle Movement for Liberation of Ahvaz and resident in Denmark Jacob Har Altistri, media and political analyst and spokesman for Popular Front for Baluchistan and resident in London Reza Hussein, and media activist, a leading member of People's Balochi Party, Director of Balochi Human Rights Organization and resident in Sweden Nasser Nabat Zahi.
Vegan = [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Nabat khor (plant-based)
2- Crystal Simorogh Award for The Best Directing was granted to Elchin Musaoglu for Nabat from Azerbaijan
The festival also recognized four cultural masters from Visayas for their work in preserving living traditions: Rowena Rafil, Roger Caspilo, Virginia Nabat and Virginia Silag.
Jusqu'a lundi soir ce sont deux films qui sont plebiscites d'une maniere informelle par les cinephiles, Nabat (Azerbaidjan) et Mirage (Hongrie-Slovaquie).
La premiere association, sous la houlette de Cherif Tibourtine, a etale un large programme en jouant plusieurs noubas Rasd eddil, inkilab : [beaucoup moins que] Ghezaili sukar nabat [beaucoup plus grand que], mcedar : [beaucoup moins que] Lazal dahrak said [beaucoup plus grand que], b'taihi : [beaucoup moins que] Ya men sad sayda [beaucoup plus grand que], derdj : [beaucoup moins que] Ya nnaymin la terakdou [beaucoup plus grand que], istikhbar : [beaucoup moins que] Malet twedaani [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf1 : koum yassir lana al ketaane [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf2 : [beaucoup moins que] Aana aachakti fi soltane [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf khlass : [beaucoup moins que] Nirane kalbi [beaucoup plus grand que].
In the Ukraine, libertarians in the Nabat (Tocsin) youth organisation called for a struggle against all forms of oppression, including: 'A struggle against the existing family, which has turned us into deceitful hypocrites nourished on the poison of corruption.' (28) Alexandra Kollontai nibbled away on the fringes of Bolshevik thinking, and wrote about patrimony and free love; love that rejected possessiveness.