NABERSNational Australian Built Environment Rating System
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Our data centres have been engineered to deliver exceptional levels of efficiency and the industry's lowest Total Cost of Operation through NABERS 5-star energy efficiency.
"The sensor is easy to use, robust when it comes to fluctuation in concentration of biomarkers, and standardised," explained Andreas Nabers, co-developer of the Alzheimer's sensor.
NABERS is a national rating system that measures energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor air quality within the built environment.
Buildings One, Two and Three are recently built Canberra office buildings which have been designed to achieve a NABERS of approximately 4 stars.
Owners, landlords and sub-landlords who do not hold a current NABERS rating (one that is less than 12 months old), must apply for one or obtain a BEEC.
Announcing the concessions to the Bill on June 16, Senator Penny Wong said that transitional arrangements will be extended so that only a NABERS assessment will be required for the first year of the scheme; that the lighting tool will become a mandatory component from the second year; and that penalties will be reduced.
"It's not like people in 401 (k)s lost money and people that invested in the Wall Street system didn't lose money," Nabers says.
In the epilogue, Deak Nabers offers ideas about legal theory, for instance how Lear and Gloucester raise the issue of natural law at 4.6.148-56.
Associate Justice Tom Parker, who acted as Moore's spokesman during the Ten Commandments fight, failed in his effort to unseat Chief Justice Drayton Nabers Jr.
Drayton Nabers Jr., chairman and CEO of Protective Life Corp., said its sales in the area of guaranteed-investment contracts will see an uptick as baby boomers look to more stable investments as they bear retirement.
Teenager Heather Nabers writes: "She turned and found herself face to face with the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.