NABETNational Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians
NABETNortheastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology (formerly Association of Pennsylvania University Business and Economics Faculty)
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Earning NABET accreditation is another measure of our excellence as a quality education provider and reflects our commitment to our students.
Jenkins who is of Ojibway, African and French heritage is a NABET member and he has been photographing Idle No More events.
In the depth of a recession, and with the chill of winter already in the air, the members of NABET 821 rejected the company's buy out.
Local NABET president John Schneider, a 17-year veteran of the station, says Moffat still calls the shots.
locked out NABET members in November after the union staged a one-day strike to protest the network's imposition of reduced health benefits.
NABET offered to disucss CKY's problems offered to discuss CKY's problems but the company refused.
We don't have a contract yet for those units, so we anticipate that negotiations will resume," NABET spokesman Tom Donahue said in Washington, D.
Donahue said the final sticking point to a back-to-work agreement centered on ``a handful of firings'' of NABET members during the lockout.
8, NABET agreed to provide strike warnings, and last week ABC said it would submit to arbitration several cases of workers who were fired for alleged acts of sabotage and violence during the lockout.
Initially set for this coming Wednesday, talks were moved to Friday following criticism that the union - the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, or NABET - is taking too long to call a vote on ABC's latest contract offer.
A couple of days earlier, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered NABET workers -- locked out of the net since Nov.
The NABET members are angry at being replaced for the Oscar show as a result of an ongoing fight the union is waging with the Disney-owned ABC network.