NABJNational Association of Black Journalists
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Kellogg Foundation is proud to support the 2014 NABJ Convention & Career Fair as a part of its America Healing effort, which provides grants and resources to support racial healing and to remove systemic barriers that deny opportunities to people of color.
But many worry that some papers may have a "one-black" (or other person of color) rule--not just in the selection of columnists for a given day, but on the editorial page staff itself They see the difference between the conservative writers of color whom some pages choose to run and others, who win prizes at the NABJ convention, who are seen more in the mainstream of black thought.
DuBois' "double consciousness" by preserving the dignity of its ethnic base, while forging new influential alliances with more crossover programs, cooperating more with other journalism organizations and establishing a direct tie with organizations of media executives, strengthening ongoing contacts with the 104 accredited journalism schools and demonstrating to college student chapters how their alliance with NABJ can help their chapters flourish.
He is the author of Black Journalists: The NABJ Story (August Press, NJ, 1993).
Roland is a committed member of NABJ who always supports our programs and services.
About the National Association of Black Journalists NABJ is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide.
I've been to a couple of the NABJ national confabs and the pervasive mindset of both the old in-crowd and the new wannabes is that if you're not a high-on-the-to-tem Negro of a major white media entity then "you ain't sh_t.
Sharing professional expertise and making contacts in the business are only part of why one goes, for instance, to an NABJ or an NAHJ convention.
Annually, NABJ pays homage to legendary black journalists who have made outstanding contributions to the industry.
This edition updates his two earlier editions of Black Journalists: The NABJ Story, 1997, August Press, June 1997, $14, ISBN 0-963-57204-0.
an alliance of NABJ, NAHJ, the Asian American Journalists Association and the Native American Journalists Association--was born.
NABJ believes Lee's managers missed a golden opportunity to initiate a community dialogue about respect, identity and diversity, particularly as it relates to redefining standards of beauty, what is aesthetically acceptable in television news and the value of on-air journalists beyond appearance.