NABLNational Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (formerly National Coordination of Testing and Calibration Facilities, India)
NABLNational Association of Bond Lawyers
NABLNational Accreditation Board for Laboratories
NABLNational Ag-Based Lubricants (Center)
NABLNorth American Basketball League
NABLNightmare at Beaver Lake (Sammamish, WA)
NABLNational Association of Business Leaders (Earth City, MO)
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While the Ministry of Food Processing Industries provides assistance for setting up analytical and testing laboratories, actively participates in the laying down of food standards with a view to ensure compliance of international standards on food products, NABL grants accreditation for the competence of the laboratory as per international standard ISO/ IEC 17025.
It is nearly three months now that the Takfiri terrorists have launched a new wave of massive artillery and mortar attacks on Nabl and Al-Zahra towns.
Issue Price Regulation -- NABL will testify before the Treasury in late October on new IRS regulations related to the issue price of bonds.
More than 50 NABL players have found professional playing spots overseas after their NABL tenure.
As NABL has pointed out in its comments, the GASB's work needs to consider the important securities law implications as the PV moves forward.
Accreditation by CAP and NABL is widely regarded in the international diagnostic industry as signifying that a laboratory performs diagnostic testing at the highest quality standards.
Faith is on the Board of the National Association of Bond Lawyers and is Chair of the NABL Bond Attorneys' Workshop.
It is more than four years now that Nabl and al-Zahra towns have been under the terrorists' siege.
In 1992, NCTCF was renamed NABL under DST and given the time-bound program to achieve the above.
4Weeot01190 Material En9,Vendor To Submit Material Test Certificate Of Chemical Composition,Ut Test And Hardness Duly Certified From Nabl Approved Agency Qty: 20 No 2)Internal Gear For Flexible Coupling-102 As Per Drg.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Residents of the Shiite-populated Nabl city repelled another wave of terrorists' attack.