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NABOBNational Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
NABOBNational Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (Quality Council of India)
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Delhi's Nabobs copied the erstwhile Mughal aristocracy by laying out hinterland estates either as permanent residences or for repose.
Overnight, the simpering Bambi narcissist became not only the loveliest woman of the century but also the Queen of Hearts, the Nabob of Sob.
In the funniest sequence, he portrays an infomercial nabob whose creation apparently severely injures an audience member, shocking the studio audience - at least until he offers 20 bucks to other audience members to offer testimonials for the dangerous contraption.
One of the easiest winter-flowering shrubs to start with is the delightful Abutilon Nabob which has been around our conservatories for decades.
Of nonchemical methods, best-known is the Swiss Water process, patented by Nabob Foods Limited of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Prior to Campbell Soup Company, she led marketing efforts at The Nabob Coffee Company and the integration of its brands into Kraft's portfolio following the acquisition by Kraft Canada.
Canada did have two aircraft carriers during WWII--HMCS Nabob, commissioned in March 1943 and HMCS Puncher, commissioned in February 1944.
It speaks volumes about EMI's current headless chicken approach to talent scouting to learn that the Mr Big behind Declan's windfall is not Nasty Nigel or Pete Waterman but that suave nabob of cool, Max Clifford.
Staying on top of the market is the goal of every enterprising company and is certainly a concept evident at the Nabob Coffee company of Canada.
Sonoco also helped Kraft Foods convert its Maxwell House, Nabob and Yuban([R]) brands of coffee from metal cans to more environmentally friendly rigid paperboard containers without sacrificing abuse resistance or shelf life.
Eight other organizations - Bloomberg, Fazendas Reunidas Vale do Juliana SA, Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal, Global Environment Facility, Marks & Spencer plc, The Nabob Coffee Company, Posada Amazonas Lodge by Rainforest Expeditions, and Staples - along with Blommer Chocolate are this year's Rainforest Alliance "Sustainable Standard-Setter" award recipients.
During the Second World War, Hugh served in the Royal Canadian Navy as a chief petty officer, primarily aboard the first Canadian-manned aircraft carrier, the HMCS Nabob, until that ship was torpedoed.