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NaBrSodium Bromide
NABRNational Association for Biomedical Research
NABRNatural Bridges National Monument (US National Park Service)
NABRNational Alliance for Belizean Rights (Belize)
NABRNeighbors Allied for the Best Riverfront (Delaware River; Philadelphia, PA)
NABRNorth American Bavarian Racing (Virginia)
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NABR selected Elite winners based on their high scores and named one Elite winner for each of the following categories: The Best of the Best Small Business, The Best of the Best Medium Business and The Best of the Best Large Business.
Under the heading "Combating a movement meant to immobilize research: Over the years, animal rights groups have proven themselves savvy, sophisticated and unrelenting in their aim to halt biomedical research," NABR refers to the animal-rights successes in the Silver Spring Monkey Case and the University of Pennsylvania Head Injury Clinic as "stunts" by an "extremist group.
Combing the resources of the NLBA and NABR will allow both organizations to help serve their members in many new ways," said NLBA president Gary McClenaghan.
Noting, as does the dissent, that "[t]he decision below has broad potential impact on litigation affecting matters of substantial public interest," NABR focused on their concern that the holding is "broadly applicable to many medical research facilities.
Being honored by the NABR two years in a row is affirmation that we've created a rich environment that creates superior results.
These companies have created impressive organizational value and business results through their policies and best practices in human resource management," said Jennifer Kluge, NABR President.
After studying a number of reports and hard data, NABR stands in opposition to any legislation that we feel would do more harm than good," said John Burcham, Jr.
NABR specializes in providing businesses the benefits, programs, services and assistance required to operate as efficiently and successfully as possible.
It is truly an honor to recognize this year's winners," said Jennifer Kluge, NABR president.
The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For is a program of the NABR.
8220;Profitability and stability are essential for businesses in today's economic climate,” noted Jennifer Kluge, NABR President.
Our Association takes the awards process very seriously and has worked diligently to create a program that is unbiased, collects quantitative data, is rigorously judged and uses statistical analysis in order to achieve an award that is well respected," said Jennifer Kluge, president of NABR.