NACABNational Association of Citizens Advice Bureau
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This augments previous research findings that part-timers tend to be found in low paid, low skilled jobs with lower levels of job security and opportunities for training and development (De Grip et al, 1997; Edwards and Robinson, 2001; Elias and Gregory, 1994; Francesconi and Gosling, 2005; NACAB, 1997; New Earnings Survey, 1998; Olsen and Walby, 2004).
'The worrying findings of the DTI research into overindebtedness and our own debt inquiry figures confirm the pressing need for continued monitoring and for access to free, independent debt advice,' said David Harker, chief executive of NACAB.
"The tax credit has given a real boost to the incomes of low-paid parents," said David Harker, chief executive of NACAB. "But it makes no sense that a scheme that sets out to make work pay is making it more difficult for some people to stay in their jobs, and leaving some families worse, instead of better, off." The Working Families Tax Credit, introduced in October 1999, ensures that a two-parent family receives an income of more than 200 [pounds sterling] a week if one parent is working for at least 30 hours.
For example, the NACAB (1997) report, Flexibility Abused, provides important data on what it can be like to be a flexible worker in the context of the UK labour market.
NACAB has now given a dossier of 1,500 cases of doorstep selling to the Office of Fair Trading, which will investigate.
NACAB estimates that each year consumers waste pounds 4bn through paying unnecessary interest on consumer credit, while pounds 4.5bn is lost through inappropriate debt consolidation borrowing.
Staff at the new unit, publicly funded but run by the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux (NACAB), will advise freed prisoners on how to find a place to live and gain access to work or state benefits.
Tel 020 7219 3000 TARGETT, Frances Director, Nacab Cymru.
Keep Well This Winter is a National Assembly campaign supported by partner organisations Age Concern, Care and Repair, Food Standards Agency, NACAB, National Energy Action, NHS Direct, RNIB, Wales Council for the Blind and Wales Youth Agency.
The figures were released by the Welsh Consumer Council, the Trading Standards Service in Wales and NACAB Cymru to coincide with National Consumer Week's 'Keep debt under control' campaign.