NACASNational Association of College Auxiliary Services
NACASNational Association for Campus Activities (Charlottesville, VA)
NACASNational Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards (India)
NACASNorth Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service (UK charity)
NACASNational Association of Christian Artists and Songwriters
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First, the scientists spray-dried probiotic bacteria in NaCas solutions which contained low melting-point fat combined with maltodextrin, pullulan, gum ghatti or gum arabic.
Adding gum arabic and gum ghatti to NaCas positively affected the in-vitro gastric resistance of probiotic bacteria.
"Instead of drawing money away from tuition and fees, schools are becoming entrepreneurial," says David Rood, director of media services for NACAS. "They're spending more to create more for their students."
The objectives of scientists at the University of Connecticut and elsewhere were to fabricate and characterize soluble nanoscale PECs of NaCas and pectin and to explore their viability for delivering LBCs.
Pectin in the nanocPECs delayed the hydrolysis of NaCas by pepsin under gastric conditions and made possible the controlled release of most rutin under simulated intestinal conditions.
Probiotic bacteria were spray-dried in NaCas solutions containing LMF, and combined with either: maltodextrin, pullulan, gum ghatti or gum Arabic.
Adding gum Arabic and gum ghatti to NaCas positively affected the in-vitro gastric resistance of the probiotic bacteria, whereas maltodextrin and pullulan exerted a negative influence.
Using shear homogenization, the researchers emulsified thyme oil at different concentrations--0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2% and 2.5%--using NaCas at 2.5% or 5% levels and soy lecithin at 0.5% and 1% levels, individually or in combination, at neutral pH and 21 C.
The scientists found that 5% NaCas alone was only capable of emulsifying 1% thyme oil as a translucent dispersion.
"Part of the reason I don't think our folks have a seat at the table is that they're often from the campus community," says Hassmiller of NACAS. "These days, what we need are more people who have experience and really understand how to run a business."