NACBNational Academy of Clinical Biochemistry
NACBNational Association of Cannabis Businesses (Milwaukee, WI)
NACBNigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank
NACBNorth American Crane Bureau (Lake Mary, FL)
NACBNational Association of College Broadcasters (trade association for student radio and TV stations)
NACBNational Association of Commercial Broadcasters (Japan)
NACBNational Accreditation of Certification Bodies
NACBNetwork Access Control Board (US NASA)
NACBNon-Aligned Coordinating Bureau
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To help media, and cannabis vendors, the NACB in early 2018 adopted an advertising standard.
The NACB believes that self-regulation is the most effective course of action and hopes to create a national set of standards that "in some cases are more rigorous than state law." The draft has 22 sections, and tackles packaging and labeling issues such as:
ProBility said by leveraging NACB's content, simulation technology and extensive network of enterprise customers with ProBility's state of the art virtual and augmented reality technologies, the company creates and offers technological solutions to more efficiently train students on heavy equipment.
Node above crack boll (NACB) and plant height (cm) were recorded three times during crop growth.
[sup][29] previously determined the TSH reference interval during the 1[sup]st trimester of pregnancy to be 0.06–3.67 mU/L in a group of pregnant women who were selected in accordance with the recommendations of the NACB. Their TSH reference interval was similar to ours of 0.03–3.47 mU/L measured using the nonsequential method.
(9.) Wu AH, Jaffe AS, Apple FS, et al; NACB Writing Group, NACB Committee.
The latest guidelines published by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) recommend the quantification of CRP in patients with moderate risk (10-20% risk of developing CD in 10 years by the Framingham classification) and in patients that raise doubts regarding their management.
Ferrari et al., "Serum thyroglobulin reference values according to NACB criteria in healthy subjects with normal thyroid ultrasound," Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, vol.
Nvidia's technical marketing director, Nick Stam, said in an interview to NACB that the company planned to offer an upgrade wherein people can stream their games from GRID.
The rediscount rate in 1981 was 6 per cent, while the lending rate for agricultural production by the Nigerian Agricultural and Co-operative Bank (NACB) was also 6 per cent.
According to National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB) Guidelines, assays for cardiac biomarkers should strive for a total imprecision (%CV) of <10% at the 99th percentile reference limit.