NACECNorth American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
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NACECNorth American Catholic Ecumenical Church (religious group)
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The North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation created the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC) in Montreal.
The NACEC has failed to slow the pace of environmental degradation in North America and its limited success is outweighed by the use of the NAFTA Chapter 11 investor-state tribunals to challenge the North American governments' capacity to regulate environmentally harmful products and practices.
and Canadian chlordane bans in 1995, NACEC and EPA scientists worked with Mexico's National Institute of Ecology to develop and promote cost-effective methods for testing and monitoring chlordane use in Mexico and to educate farmers and furniture makers on viable alternatives.
Environmental organizations like EHC applaud NACEC's involvement in the case, but also criticize the lack of recourse under NAFTA for communities to protect themselves against environmental violations.
(47) A regional institution that is referred to above, the NACEC, is a case in point.
The emergence of regional or global institutions like the NACEC may well lead to increased interest in understanding environmental concerns from a continental or global perspective.
The institutions and mechanisms of international law (such as the NACEC and the NAFTA Chapter 11 process), as well as global "civil society," are likely to have expanding roles in shaping the domestic environmental law landscape.
Tim Kern, product manager at Starbucks, shared some of his company's strategy with the NACEC group.
Their reaction to their loss of control shows up in the treaty negotiating context as preliminary skirmishes over the value of scientific inquiry, some overt curbs on scientific study and concern about access to data that have already been collected.(51) In this regard, it is noteworthy that the NACEC recently initiated a program to improve monitoring of air quality in North America and to ensure common measurement systems and sharing of data.
The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC) created under a side agreement to the North American Trade Agreement, is working for a continent-wide restriction or ban on PCBs, DDT, mercury, and chlordane.