NACFNational Agricultural Cooperative Federation (South Korea; credit union)
NACFNational Art Collections Fund (UK)
NACFNorthumbria Army Cadet Force (youth organization; UK)
NACFNavy Air Combat Fighter
NACFNetwork Attachment Control Function
NACFNative American Christian Fellowship
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The initiative, launched by the North American Crossbow Federation (NACF), was seeking not just consensus among manufacturers but accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
The NACF now has retail and wholesale outlets for its members' products throughout South Korea.
It also reflects its operational linkage to NACF, which in the past contributed to higher risk appetite, weaker strategic execution and inferior financial performance, compared with the higher-rated local commercial banks.
Kim said he will have more open communication channels for employees and NACF members to build trust among all interested parties.
Neonatal asymmetric crying facies (NACF) is one such condition, which is often underrecognized.
The herd recording centers operated by the NACF provide technical services, including mating and feeding plans with the same schemes, to member farms under its control.
NHFG and NH Bank were established as of March 2, 2012, pursuant to an amendment to the Korean National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Act, which separated NACF's financial and non financial activities.
29 May 2012 -- Four banks have extended a JPY8bn (USD101m/EUR80m) credit facility to South Korea's National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), Bloomberg reports today citing a senior official at NACF global financing unit.
However, Congress turned it down in August 1974 and placed it under a new program name called the NACF, or Navy Air Combat Fighter (F-18, 1975).
National Clean Fuels (NACF) has disclosed that management has moved its focus from due diligence to the forming of terms for a definitive agreement with Emission Phase Acquiring Solutions (Epas) - owner of a breakthrough proprietary carbon emissions technology.
(220) In the case of museums and galleries having charitable status (but not local authority institutions), the primafacie legal position could conceivably be varied to allow private sale at an undervalue to another institution within the sector enjoying charitable status either (a) by the disposing institution obtaining an order of the Charity Commission pursuant to Section 26 Charities Act 1993 (see the precedent of the sale of the Leonardo cartoon to the NACF mentioned above, note 190), or (b) without any such intervention by the Charity Commission, if the disposing and acquiring charities have similar objects, i.e.