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NACHENational Association of Catholic Home Educators (est. 1992)
NACHENational Association for Ceramics in Higher Education (UK)
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Pandemis pyrusana from traps placed in the Naches orchard were considerably greater in 2014 compared with 2013 (Fig.
Project Summary: This project is part of Yakima County s long-term efforts to reduce flood risks and recurrent flood damages while restoring ecosystem functions and recovering salmon habitat throughout the Naches River corridor.
Naches River bridge repair, Yakima County; apparent low bidder was KLM Construction.
Ruth Pringle of Naches was elected the foundation's new chairman.
Project Description : The first phase of the project includes installing approximately 3,600 linear feet of new 72-inch storm system in SW 7th Street between Lind Ave NE and Naches Ave SW where the storm system outlets that is parallel to the an existing storm system in SW 7th St.
This project will reduce collisions and relieve congestion at the Old Naches Highway and Mitchel Road intersections with US 12.
Naches Depot Trail Phase II, Naches; apparent low bidder was Superior Asphalt of Yakima.
Project Status : This project was awarded a federal grant in the amount of $800,125 for design and environmental documentation of Phases: A - Naches Ave SW (Renton) to Fort Dent Park (Tukwila), and B - Des Moines Memorial Drive S (SeaTac and Burien).