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NACHRINational Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions
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The survey was conducted using Zoomerang (, MarketTools Inc, 2008) with invitation letters to the PICU and cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) medical directors identified from the NACHRI database.
Nevertheless, in both fiscal years examined, only a few hospitals (roughly 11%) had community benefit programs that encompassed all the areas set forth by the CHA and NACHRI for ideal programs.
"This means our sales people market the newsletter to NACHRI hospitals rather than marketing it directly to readers."
Barlow says she wants to partner with us, it's real hard to turn her down," says Kathy Lally, NACHRI's assistant director for child advocacy.
This listing includes NACHRI members, associates, and supporters.
Most recently, the APR-DRGs were developed as part of a joint research effort between 3M/Health Information Systems (HIS) and NACHRI to address the following limitations of the Yale RDRGs:
The complete PM-DRG system consists of the pediatric categories developed by NACHRI and the original DRG categories for non-pediatric patients.
The label children's hospital as used in this study does not coincide with the official designation of children's hospital as defined in the membership criteria of the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI website).
NACHRI promotes the health and well-being of children and their families through support of children's hospitals and health systems that are committed to excellence in providing healthcare to children.
Changes in DRGs have been suggested by many (Phibbs et al., 1986; Resnick et al., 1986; Poland et al., 1985); in particular extensive work has been performed by the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) (Lichtig and Kannf, 1989).
In late 2011, NACHRI, its public policy affiliate N.A.C.H., and the Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA), completed a merger to pool our strengths and talents, creating a new organization, the Children's Hospital Association.
The Institute for Child Health Policy (ICHP), in cooperation with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Family Voices, and NACHRI, has put together a checklist as part of their article "Evaluating Managed Care Plans for Children with Special Needs: A purchaser's tool." The checklist is entitled "Plan Features to Evaluate" and it can be found on the ICHP's Web site: materials/purchaser/pedserv.html.
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