NACOBNorth American Congress on Biomechanics
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In 2015, the Executive Secretary of NACOB called for the establishment of a national commission on substance abuse to complement NACOB's law enforcement mandate, and proposed decriminalizing cannabis to reduce Ghana's prison population.
The AIRCOP project is a joint airport interdiction task force made up of officials from NACOB, Customs, Immigration, Aviation Security, and the military and relies on Interpol's I 24/7 communication system to share profiles and other key information about inflight passengers and cargo.
According to NACOB, it is difficult to track drug abuse because there has never been any baseline study of the drug environment in Ghana.
NACOB has a small office that handles drug abuse awareness and demand reduction programs.
According to NACOB, there has been an increase in reported cocaine and heroin usage as evidenced by increased requests for treatment in 2011 compared to 2010.
NACOB and BNI arrested members of their own ranks who were allegedly assisting narco-traffickers at the airport.
NACOB and the Ministry of Justice are currently cooperating with DEA to extradite five narcotics traffickers to the U.
DEA is also continuing to provide technical assistance and equipment to NACOB.
With the assistance of DEA, NACOB also took steps to improve its operational capabilities.
There are two primary agencies in Ghana with counternarcotics law enforcement roles: the NACOB and the Organized Crime Units within the Ghana Police Service's Criminal Investigative Division (CID).
NACOB coordinates government counternarcotics efforts.
With a change in government in January 2009, the old NACOB governing board dissolved and a new board was put in place.