NACODNational Association of Colliery Overmen and Deputies
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The verse goldsele gumena would consist of five positions if sele did not undergo resolution, and, complementarily, nacod niSdraca would consist of only three if resolution of draca were not suspended.
(57) A variety of meanings--raw, unadorned, not properly hidden or not fully sheathed--are also implicit in the range of objects which are described as nacod in Old English: voices, words, swords, entrails, earth, wisdom.
After Nacods' treachery, it was downhill all the way, through a cruel winter to a desperate spring.
The union Nacods led a compensation case in the late 1990s against the UK Government on behalf of miners suffering from chest disease and vibration white finger.
The firm also acts for NUM (COSA), NACODS and the National Association of Councillors.
Mr Scargill said: "The monumental betrayal by the Union Nacods has never been explained in a way that makes sense.
Similar efforts are under way to assist the MeBr phaseout in the Article 5(1) countries, such as the United Nation OzonAction Programme's "Enhancing the Capability of Local Agricultural Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations in Methyl Bromide Communication" project (partly supported by the MLF), the Comite Nacional Pro Defensa de la Fauna y Flora (CODEFF) conferences in Chile, the National Committee on Ozone Depleting Substances (NACODS) in Kenya, and the SEPA MB Steering Group and Working Group in China.
The union NACODS has called for action over UK Coal's two per cent pay rise offer.
Pit deputies' union Nacods won a breakthrough in the battle for compensation after a court ruling last year.
Peter McNestry, boss of pit union NACODS, said: "This motion is a kick in the teeth for miners and Labour voters."
(Alternative arrangements were subsequently approved for the print union GPMU, the pit deputies' union NACODS, the fire brigades' union FBU and the bakers' union BFAU.) As had been widely predicted, in determining the timetable the NEC opted for a short contest to minimise disruption and uncertainty.
The 197 independent unions included ten NUM and National Association of Colliery Overman Deputies and Shotfirers (NACODS) organizations at area level, both of which are federal unions, although there were also another 14 local NUM and three NACODS bodies which did not have certificates of independence.