NACOSNavigation and Command System
NACOSNational Chief of Staff
NACOSNATO Courier Service
NACOSNational Communications Schedule
NACOSNational Association of Commercial Organization Secretaries
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Not just that, there has been a 10% rise in the number of such cases over the last one yearfrom 1,424 in 2014-15 to 1,559 in 2015-16according to documents obtained, through the RTIs, from that National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), the apex government body dealing with Indias HIV/AIDS control programme.
Nacos believes that it could be misunderstood to suggest a compliant role on the part of the media.
Nacos has outlined a "calculus of violence" that distinguishes among different "target types that enter into the terrorists' objectives." While domestic terrorists tend to target high-level political, diplomatic, military, or corporate leaders as immediate victims ...