NACSINATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Advisory Committee on Signal Intelligence
NACSINational COMSEC Instruction
NACSINATO Advisory Committee on Special Intelligence
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NACSIS also is planning to establish new high-speed computer links between Japan's top universities.
Customer Bandwidth Date Installed NACSIS (Japan) EI 3/1/92 MIMOS (Malaysia) TI 11/14/92 UKWT-NET (Kuwait) 192k 12/19/92(*) ECUAnet (Ecuador) 256k 1/20/93 CRNET (Costa Rica) 128k 1/29/93 TORBITAK (Turkey) 128k 4/8/93 RENATER (France) TI 6/8/93 Conacyt (Mexico) TI 12/1/93 PLDT/Philnet (Philippines) 64k 3/1/94 Univ.
The National Science Foundation offers NACSIS (National Center for Science Information System).
The computer-searchable databases are maintained by Japan's National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS) and cover such areas as computers and electronic components.
Delegates to the conference represented more than 75 individuals from 40 academic institutions along with LC, the National Diet Library, the Mitsubishi Research Institute, the Special Libraries Association, the National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS, Japan) the Research Libraries Group (RLG), and the OCLC.
Brown, president and CEO of OCLC, and seven officials and librarians from NACSIS and the leading universities of Japan.