NACSIMNational Communications Security Instruction Memorandum
NACSIMNational Agency Communications Security Information Memorandum
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"Because of the fact that there have been so many traditional customers who have deemphasized the NACSIM 5100A specification and turned to some other method of [emission protection] .
Because I think that they will be a good indicator of whether or not our potential customer base is interested in levels other than NACSIM 5100A."
Responding to user complaints about the cost of Tempest equipment and the sometimes shoddy way they met the NACSIM 5100A specifications, the NSA reduced the number of applications in which Tempest protection was required and established new procedures for certifying that equipment adhered to the standard (see "Tempest in a Teapot?" JED, July 1989, p.
The first would meet the NACSIM 5100A criteria, and would carry the pre.
Under the NSA's Industrial Tempest Program (ITP), companies were granted a fairly free hand to develop products based on proprietary market research; once these products were proven to meet NACSIM 5100A, they were added to the NSA's Preferred Products List (PPL) -- the security equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
Thus, the NSA has moved from merely certifying that a new product met NACSIM 5100A standards to placing itself in a position to judge whether certain products should be produced at all.