NACTUNight Attack Combat Training Unit (US Navy)
NACTUNational Congress of Trade Unions (South Africa)
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From her base in NACTU, De Lille became active in the Pan Africanist Congress, a liberation movement that enjoyed more clout than it does today.
Most notably, the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) has lost almost one third of its members since 1994 and now has some 230,000 members.
(6.) In 1994 COSATU had 1,317,000 members, the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) 316,000 members, the Federation of South African Labour Unions (Fedsal) 270,000 members, and the South African Confederation of Labour (SACOL) 54,000 members.
The ex-General Secretary of the council, Piroshaw Camay, attributed the decline to "NACTU unions not servicing members effectively, not recruiting new members, and members voting with their feet." (7) He said that there is growing evidence that the unions in the Congress of South African Trade Unions are winning over council unions, particularly in the food and metal sectors.