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Alex Alberto, launched a manhunt operation and eventually arrested Nacu.
Nacu's arrest stemmed from complaints of "Maria," 52, of Antipolo City, and Gina Macaya, 55, of Valenzuela City, who reported to QCPD's Talipapa Police Station (PS-3) the alleged carnapping incident of the suspect.
The seventh article focuses on the particularities of the socialist movement in modern Romania and the progressive socialist elements (Florin Nacu, Why Did the Socialist Movement Fail in Modern Romania?);
Reads were quality-filtered (requiring a quality score [greater than or equal to] 20 in at least 90% of nucleotides), adapters removed, and aligned with GSNAP software (Wu and Nacu 2010; Zhang et al.
(3) Alexandra Nacu, << Les Roms migrants en region parisienne : les dispositifs d'une marginalisation >> in Revue europeenne des migrations internationales, no.l, vol.
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"This proposal seems to supplement the current one-size-fits-all net worth system in place since 1998 with what is little more than a revised, and more complicated, one-size-fits-all risk-based capital version," Antonini wrote in NACU SO's March 5 comment letter.
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ROMANIAN photographer Andrei Nacu has attempted to capture an outsiders' view of the pressures on the modern Welsh family farm.
Arnold Ventican and Sam Nacu combined for 15 to spearhead DHL.
A rutted dirt road descends a steep hillside to Tlan Nacu, Victor Vallejo's vanilla plantation on the outskirts of Papantla, in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz.