NAD83North American Datum of 1983 (mapping)
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Hayes Arboretum, consisting of 202.4 ha, is located in the northeast corner of Richmond, Indiana in Wayne County (New Paris Quadrangle, north part of the NW one-quarter of Section 35, Township 14 North, Range 1 West; or UTM coordinates for the parking lot west of the Nature Center are Zone 16 S, 0684106E by 4412094N, NAD83 (Fig.
All data were mapped by using the NAD83 USA Contiguous Albers Equal Area Conic coordinate system.
We kept computational time to a minimum by performing calculations in degrees UTM (NAD83), the native format of the Census 2000 road data, and converting the result to kilometers using a spherical model for the Earth (program available on request).
The data acquired for RPM may have different georeferences (map datum and projection) although most spatial data warehouses in Canada now adhere to the NAD83 datum and UTM projection for the mapping scales typically employed in RPM (1:50 000 to 1:500 000 scales).
The RNF contains more roads and has increased positional accuracy (large portions of the road network have been re-aligned to match the National Topographical DataBase), and the datum is now NAD83 (Statistics Canada 2001).
DATA: The Township has both vector and raster data, all of which is in UTM NAD83 format.
Coordinates are given in meters, Universal Transverse Mercator projection (UTM Zone 14, NAD83), and decimal degrees west longitude and north latitude (NAD83).
In the preparation of maps 4a to 4f, thirteen vertical aerial photographs of the Camosun Bog area made between 1930 and 2004 were scanned and geographically referenced to the City of Vancouver 2004 digital street centrelines data (UTM, NAD83).
* Bar code and Global Positioning System (GPS) support, permitting the use of bar codes to expedite asset lookup and inventory management, and the use of GPS data based on WGS84 Datum and NAD83 Datum standards to accommodate radio towers and other out-of-building assets.
These data were provided as an ArcInfo[R] GIS coverage (UTM NAD83) representing landscape vegetation patterns as polygons.
Because the Michigan GeoRef coordinate system uses the North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) with the metric unit, data sets in other datum and units were converted to be matched with Michigan GeoRef parameters.