NADACNational Average Drug Acquisition Cost (data; US CMS)
NADACNorth American Dog Agility Council, Inc.
NADACNational Damage Assessment Center
NADACNeath and Dulais Angling Club (UK)
NADACNaval ASW Data Center
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States may look to AMP (mindful of the confidential and proprietary nature of AMP), NADAC prices, state ACC surveys and even WAC (when the state has data to confirm its accuracy).
NADAC also further delineates its competitions by three divisions: Standard, Veterans, or Junior Handler.
Among the various agility organizations, Canine Performance Events (CPE) and NADAC offer the most agility classes, closely followed by USDAA, with AKC offering the fewest.
Policy makers are being very clear that they wish to pay for prescription drugs and dispensing of prescriptions on the basis of cost--so whether the metric is average manufacturer price (AMP), national average drug acquisition cost (NADAC) or average acquisition cost (AAC), the only good news here is that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is maintaining increases in dispensing fees for states moving to product reimbursement on the basis of cost.
We expect CMS will make NADAC available for state use during the first half of this year, and the AMP rule and new upper payment limits on that basis will follow later this year.
CMS proposes the National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) and has begun the process of surveying randomly selected pharmacies from a national pool of independent and chain pharmacies, asking them to, voluntarily submit monthly invoice data for drug purchases made over the previous 30 days.
However, the NADAC price type is not yet widely available.
Gray also mentions the agency's efforts to establish a national average drug acquisition cost (NADAC) reimbursement benchmark.
They expressed NACDS' and NCPA's appreciation for CMS' stance requiring accurate dispensing fees in cases where states have adopted average acquisition cost (AAC) as their Medicaid benchmark for pharmacy reimbursement, as well as the agency's acknowledgement that an accurate fee would be needed if the national average drug acquisition cost (NADAC) benchmark is developed.
Parallel to this, we expect to see activity from CMS in 2012 regarding the development of a new national drug pricing benchmark, otherwise known as the National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC).