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"Comic writers like Arnal, and photographers like-- like Nadar?"
Reference to migration of Nadars to southern Travancore in the chapter titled ' Clothing: A Social History' has been dropped Text now dwells on the role of Aiya Vaikundar Swarup in the ' Upper Cloth Revolt' An interactive question or activity box has been introduced for students to seek more information on Aiya Vaikundar In the revised portion, the chapter which earlier referred to Nadars as toddy tappers, talks about the various other occupations the community was engaged in
Pallam Raju in November last year seeking their intervention to remove " objectionable" references to the Nadar community in the text.
Warhol and Nadar each preferred blank backgrounds for their portraits, a blankness Warhol often found reflected in his sitter's eyes.
It is not only the glare of the immediate that makes Nadar's consideration of celebrity pale beside Warhol's; it is also the brute accident of the time of his birth.
Soon enough, the whisperers let out that ' may be' Kiran Nadar had bought that work.
Zoom to January 23, 2010 -- a day yet to arrive -- and the same Anish Kapoor sculpture is going to make a public appearance at the new Kiran Nadar Museum of Art ( KNMA).