NADCPNational Association of Drug Court Professionals
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In December 2012, two months after Colorado and Washington voters approved ballot initiatives to tax and regulate marijuana, the NADCP, which in 2011 received $5.
Last February the NADCP co-signed a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder from former Rep.
The NADCP isn't against just recreational marijuana.
102) The NADCP asserts that state and local governments would respond to annual federal funding of $250 million by providing, by their estimate, $1.
In past years, according to NADCP estimates, states leveraged federal dollars at about a 9:1 ratio.
The drug court typology we have proposed and the "key components" identified by NADCP respond to the need to be able to determine "when a drug court is not a drug court,"(73) and to help organize research and academic discussion about the impact of drug courts according to common structural ingredients.