NADOHENational Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education
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On the national scale, NADOHE disseminated 12 professional standards for diversity officers in 2014 in an attempt to guide the role that is ever-changing.
CDOs also tend to have experience helping presidents in times of crisis and other critical moments or periods on campus, says Ervin, the NADOHE leader.
Ervin rejected the notion that the recent trend toward the establishment of diversity offices (the NADOHE survey stated 66 such offices were founded in the last five years alone) is a mere token response to deep-rooted problems, such as incidents of hostility and feelings of isolation and marginalization among students from various groups.
Though some have called for mandatory diversity training for faculty, University of Minnesota Duluth Chancellor Lendley Black, who sat on the NADOHE panel with Griffith, said, "Mandating training for an unwilling trainee is not going to get very far.
No federal agency, NADOHE or other private group has precise numbers on how many institutions have diversity officers, according to numerous national higher ed organizations.
NADOHE, which Jones once led, plans to publish professional standards for CDOs in December.
We have already confirmed a future webinar with NASPA, we will be attending the national conference of ACPA and we have already had conversations with the leader of NADOHE.