NADOHENational Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education
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But more can and should be done, and we at University Business welcome NADOHE's efforts.
At this year's Standards of Professional Practice Institute in June, NADOHE officers and institute faculty debunked assumptions associated with the diversity officer role and discussed solutions to assist the participating cohort in leveraging their role in order to foster inclusive excellence at their respective institutions.
NADOHE's efforts to professionalize the role include working to realign diversity practitioners' work within the necessary power structures at institutions and building practitioners' competency in its 12 standards of professional practice.
In a recent message to NADOHE members, Ervin offered a number of concerns for his group this year, citing signals from the Trump administration that would frustrate diversity efforts.
The standards emphasize the importance of understanding the legal, social, historical and institutional undercurrents of the CDO's work as an "organizational change agent for equity, diversity and inclusion," within a larger team of administrators and faculty who share similar goals, according to NADOHE.
Ervin trumpets the trend in the "President's Message" on, writing that with the recent appointment of Wright as the first woman and first African-American to lead Eureka College, there are now at least six former chief diversity officers who have risen to the CEO ranks.
Ervin said the survey--conducted earlier this year--is an effort to better understand the roles and responsibilities of NADOHE's members.
In a NADOHE session titled "Moving from Strategic Plans and Campus Climate to Action," Matthew Griffith, project manager for the Campus Climate Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley, presented some findings of a Berkeley campus climate survey that underscored the importance of diversity training for faculty.
NADOHE, the national organization of diversity officers in higher education, has approximately 500 member institutions as well as several hundred individual members.
2015 NADOHE Annual Conference Getting It Done: Rising to Opportunities and Challenges in Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education Washington Hilton and Towers | Washington, D.C.