NAEIRNational Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources
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A more recent meeting in mid-August took place between Independent Sector representatives Ann-Marie Nwabudike, Senior Associate, Membership Retention, Stacy Cheetham, Senior Associate, Member Recruitment and Katica Kiss, Government Relations Specialist and NAEIR. Cruz A.
The meeting was productive in that there are some promising possibilities regarding NAEIR and the services IS may be able to offer fellow IS' association members.
NAEIR was able to position itself as an organization that has an important impact on a large number of social service organizations and charitable organizations in general, in addition to schools.
NAEIR's members include approximately 6,000 schools and nonprofit organizations all over the country.
Businesses donating merchandise to NAEIR receive tax deductions, open up storage and display space and receive the philanthropic benefit of knowing that their products are going to be used at deserving schools and nonprofit organizations.
Besides catalogs and semimonthly flyers, NAEIR members can use its shopping Web site called NAEIR e-xpress, which offers items such as office supplies, janitorial products, tools and even an occasional air conditioner or office desk.
Although NAEIR's gifts-in-kind contributions decreased a subtle 5 percent or $7.3 million in 2001, officials said pinpointing the cause is difficult.
Bob Gilstrap, chief financial officer of NAEIR, said the additional donations in 2002 probably had a lot to do with economy.
One way to avoid most of these obstacles is to donate inventory to a not-for-profit organization that acts like a "charity middleman." One such organization is NAEIR, which specializes in collecting inventory donations--at no cost--and redistributing them to a network of 7,000 qualified school and not-for-profit organizations across the country.
NAEIR's donation review committee decides if the proposed material is useful to network members.
Jack Zavada, director of communications for National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR), in Galesburg, Ill., said 2001 did show a decline in in-kind donations.
Zavada said NAEIR has seen growth in both good and bad economic conditions.