NAEIRNational Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources
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NAEIR is the first and leading organization of its kind in the United States.
Over the past 36 years, NAEIR has sought to alert and educate American businesses regarding the tax saving, inventory management and philanthropic benefits associated with donations of inventory.
Jones expressed high expectations regarding the benefits of membership in IS to NAEIR and its national membership base.
The meeting was productive in that there are some promising possibilities regarding NAEIR and the services IS may be able to offer fellow IS' association members.
NAEIR is a nonprofit organization that collects corporate product donations at its ten-acre warehouse in Galesburg, Illinois, and then redistributes those goods to 10,000 schools and charities across the United States.
Among the companies that have donated products to NAEIR are 3M, Microsoft, The Oreck Corporation, Stanley Tools, Rubbermaid, Rayovac, Russ Berrie and Company, and Dixon Ticonderoga.
One trend is shareholders pressuring corporations to increase profits in the current economic downturn, said Jack Zavada, director of communications at NAEIR.
If the donation is accepted, a NAEIR representative phones the donor immediately and provides shipping instructions.
NAEIR makes donated merchandise available to its members, which pay $625 annual dues plus shipping and handling, and receive an average of $7,000 of new merchandise each year.
NasdaqSC:MHUT) announces that it has donated various supplies of its inventory to NAEIR, a non-profit organization primarily involved with assisting the ill, the needy and infants.
NAEIR is also participating in the recovery efforts in New York City and Washington, DC, due to the tragic terrorist events of September 11, 2001.
Zavada said NAEIR has seen growth in both good and bad economic conditions.