NAEMNational Association for Environmental Management (Washington, DC)
NAEMNegative Affect Erasing Method (therapy)
NAEMNational Academy for Educational Management (est. 1959; Ministry of Education; Bangladesh)
NAEMNational Association of Exposition Managers
NAEMNorth American Emergency Management, LLC (Napa, CA)
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Saleh Kamel Farhoud Naem who, from today, can move straight into the apartment if he wishes.
Ministry of Climate Change Biodiversity Director Naem Ashraf Raja told The Express Tribune that the rate of population decline of bustards was approaching levels that would qualify for classification as an endangered species.
Noor Naem is also from Saudi Arabia, although based in Michigan in the US.
Amel Mahmoud Kamal Eldin (1*), Emad Allam Abdel Naem (1), Aliaa Monir Higazi (1), Nagwa Ismail Okaily (1), Mohamed Omar Abdelaziz (2), Mohamed Shawkat Mohamed (2), Gehan Lotfy Abdel Hakeem (3) and Marwa Mohamed Abd Allah (4)
Ein--aenl loc--cuciang nic--moix--tzhac naem Traduccion convencional con el lenguaje castellano: "quien" "quiere" "en el cielo" "su alma" "llevar" (ubicacion de las palabras y posibles signos) "quien quiere llevar su alma al cielo" (lo logico) (Fernando de la Carrera 1644, citado por Salas (2002).
Le porte-parole de la Cour d'appel, Ali Guiga, a indique, mercredi soir, a l'agence TAP, que le ministere public pres la Cour d'appel de Tunis precise que " l'audience du substitut du procureur avec le garde a vue, Mohamed Naem Haj Mansour, directeur du journal "Al-Thawra News", avait pour objectif d'informer ce dernier que son dossier est, jusqu'a ce jour, entre les mains de la justice militaire ".
Beaver Gulf has already worked with government and large-scale private developers on projects such as Yas Mall's Fun City and Geant supermarket, Geant's outlet in Dubai's Remraam community, and Ras Al Khaimah's Al Naem Mall substation building.
El 27 de abril estaba anunciada su presencia en Barcelona para asistir al desfile de Naem Khan, actualmente uno de sus disenadores favoritos, en la Semana de la Moda Gaudi.
SFAX, Tunisia, March 20 (KUNA) -- Chairman of Sfax Children Books Society, the organizer of Sfax Children Book Fair, Naem Siyala has acclaimed Kuwait's participation in the cultural event.
Cua unduly influenced and exerted unwarranted pressure on the BAC members to take Naem as their chosen supplier, Morales said.
In the first day of the campaign, female Hamas leader Huda Naem replied to the people who reacted to the campaign and answered all questions about it.