NAEWNATO Airborne Early Warning
NAEWNorth Appalachian Experimental Watershed
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"Laem Naew was very badly affected by the tsunami and we felt the local school was an appropriate use for the money.
Naew Na ran a front-page article about "dark influences" at the Post and a hard-hitting editorial applauding Veera's distinguished two and a half decades-long journalism career dating back to his fights with dictatorial regimes.
(137) 'Khonduantula phor sor ni dern naew thang pathiwat ru pathirup' [Do the Octobrists this year choose revolution or reform?], Nation Weekend, 14-20 Oct.
The drop-box weir has been used at the North Appalachian Experimental Watershed (NAEW) near Coshocton, Ohio, to monitor large watersheds (about 15 ha) in which surface mining caused sediment loads as high as 14.3 tonnes/day (Bonta et al.
Setakit por piang lae prachakom: naew thang plik fuen setakit sangkhom [The self-sufficient economy and civil society: The way to restore the economy and society].
(10) An excellent selection of some of these early translations and original essays can be found in Roykaew naew mai khong Thai B.E.
The USDA-ARS North Appalachian experimental watershed (NAEW) research station resulted from Congressional legislation in the mid 1930's to study the effects of agricultural land management on water and erosion.
(7) On Narin, see Sakdina Chatrakun na Ayutthaya, Chiwit, naew khit lae kan-to-su khong 'Narinklung' ru Narin Phasit: Khon khwang lok [The life, thought, and struggle of 'Narinklung' or Narin Phasit: A man blocks the world] (Bangkok: Matichon, 1993).
This study was conducted at the North Appalachian Experimental Watershed (NAEW) near Coshocton, Ohio.
(13.) Something of the male-dominated nature of the Thai literary world in which Thidaa operated is suggested by the particular phrasing of the 1962 commentary on her career in Warun and Thawii ed., Bon thanon, namely that Thidaa was one among 'a group of women writers of a certain era that were able to write such insightful stories that even male writers had to acknowledge as successful in their genre [yom kom hua hai nai naew khian]' (p.
This study was conducted at the North Appalachian Experimental Watershed [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] (NAEW) near Coshocton, Ohio.