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NAFFNorth American Freedom Foundation (US and Canada torture victims advocacy)
NAFFNorth Alabama Fishing Forum
NAFFNederlandse American Football Federatie (Dutch: Dutch American Football Federation)
NAFFNorth Atlantic Fish Fair (fishing industry)
NAFFNo Apparent Fault Found
NAFFNortheast Asian Forest Forum
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Building on Atkinson and Walker's (1956) work, Schultheiss and Hale (2007) conducted a more direct investigation, using a dot-probe task to assess the effects of nAff on attentional deployment.
We are naff at paperwork, but we're good at running a cafe Kate Peacock
Naff worked hard to entice and educate the local customers who frequented his place and built relationships with distributors.
The festival and NAFF take place in Bucheon, a suburb of Seoul that rarely hosts overnight tourists: Nearly all of its hotels have rooms rented by the hour.
Females with high nAff had higher depersonalization than females with low nAff.
There was one in every town and they all sold the same naff stuff.
There is no place in the Naff Chic Top 10, however, for the Ford Cortina, heavily featured in 1970s throw-back cop show Life on Mars, even though the time travelling series highlighted forgotten motors which have experienced a sales boost.
Starring Les Dennis and Mel Giedroyc as the Bosnian hosts, this high camp extravaganza is for everyone who loves fluorescent lycra, naff dance routines and filthy innuendo.
Any answer to such an intrusive question will sound irretrievably naff.
Make him boogie at your bidding, with a hilarious compendium of naff disco moves.
Visitors to the libraries are being invited to use free internet access to play their part in tracking down the origins of words and word combinations for the Oxford English Dictionary such as naff, ditsy, dosh and crimble.
Clay Farris Naff edits the 'Contemporary Issues' companion Biological Weapons (0737731834, $23.