NAFISNational Association of Federally Impacted Schools (Washington, DC)
NAFISNational Automated Fingerprint Identification System
NAFISNational Association of Family Information Services (UK)
NAFISNASA Accounting & Financial Information System
NAFISNavigational Aid Flight Inspection System
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The NAFIS data shows that the most frequent hot tub/ spa violations from inspections were problems with:
Martin Ledbetter, head of Cambridgeshire's fingerprint bureau, said: "Detection rates are down since we got NAFIS yet we have the potential to run double the number of checks.
The Home Office said local forces could apply to them for extra funding to make NAFIS work.
The NAFIS programme has been rolled out to 43 police forces throughout England and Wales following five year's intensive development and testing, and helps police officers identify fingerprints in minutes.
The NAFIS automated fingerprint identification system is now live throughout England and Wales.
In the near future, the capability to capture fingerprints electronically will be available from NAFIS.
We believe NAFIS is the most advanced system of its kind to become operational," said Grady Wright, vice president and deputy general manager, TRW Systems & Information Technology Group, Public Sector.
At the heart of NAFIS is the SP 2000, which features leading-edge matching technology originally developed by Printrak for the F.
As part of the transition, the state's current files of more than 140,000 fingerprint cards are being converted and loaded into NAFIS by Printrak prior to the system coming online.
Our solution is designed specifically to meet NAFIS performance requirements using TRW's accurate, high performance fingerprint processing modules," said Grady Wright, vice president and general manager of TRW Integrated Engineering Division.
TRW's Integrated Engineering Division of Fairfax, prime contractor for NAFIS, will provide the design, development, integration and overall management of the program.
These police forces will have full NAFIS 10-print and latent processing capabilities in 2001.