NAGCRNorth American Guild of Change Ringers
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All of the urinary proteins were expressed as the ratio-to-creatinine ([alpha]1MCR, [beta]2MCR, NAGCR, and ACR) to account for the variations in urine concentration among individuals.
16) Because there are no accepted criteria for the proteinuria of [alpha]1M, 02M and NAG, we used the upper quartile (UQ) values of [alpha]1MCR, [beta]2MCR and NAGCR of all participants to define abnormality.
g2MCR, beta2-microglobulin-creatinine ratio; [alpha]1MCR, alpha1-microglobulin-creatinine ratio; NAGCR, N-acetyl-g-D-glucosaminidase-creatinine ratio; ACR, albumin-creatinine ratio (urine).