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NAGENational Association of Government Employees
NAGENorth American Ginseng Extract
NAGENutrition Advisory Group for Elderly People (British Dietetic Association; UK)
NAGENational Association for Geriatric Education
NAGENorth American Glass Equipment (Canada)
NAGENational Association of Gallery Education (UK)
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A large part of the argument in porcupine is concerned with revealing the existence of a main but covert taxon in Nage thought corresponding to what in English is called 'mammal'.
Lors de la premiere journee de la premiere manche de la Coupe du monde en petit bassin, le Sud-Africain Chad Le Clos et la Neerlandaise Ranomi Kromowidjojo, devant son public, ont eux aussi ameliore un record du monde, respectivement sur 200 m papillon et 50 m nage libre.
However, the paper concerns more than a peculiar dietary usage, for the practice and the way Nage represent it hold wider implications for the nature of clans and concepts of clanship in this part of eastern Indonesia.
Although IAEP officials were notified of the alleged theft in late August, NAGE officials were not made aware of the issue until late last week.
Now, with the sincere efforts of MSRDC, the city of Mumbai can hope to have a world class water transport facility," explained Subhash Nage, chief engineer, MSRDC.
Head of Europe`s Association of Gas-fueled Cars, Manuel Nage, for his part said that "there are various advantages in Iran`s CNG market including the government`s support of the industry and producing the CNG kits on the highest technologies.
For the nage - ingredients: 60ml Vermouth, Noilly Prat; 60ml white wine; 60ml port wine, white; 250ml chicken stock, unsalted; 1 pinch Knorr Aromat spice; 2 white peppercorns; 50g butter, for finishing; salt and freshly ground pepper, white pepper, to taste.
This audiobook production was directed by Gordon Hunt and features the talented contributions of Edward Asner (who plays William Jennings Bryan), Mike Farrell (as Clarence Darrow), Matthew Patrick Davis (the defendant, John Thomas Scopes), Shaon Gless as the narrator, and a superb supporting cast that includes James Gleason, Matthew Underwood, Robert Pescovitz, David Alan Novak, Rob Nage, Jon Matthews, Jerry Hardin, and Harry Groener.
For the nage stock: put all the ingredients in a pot, with the exception of the wine and herbs, and add double the volume of water to vegetables.
Recommended items: Provencal fish soup, grilled foie gras, crab and melon cannelloni, scallops with fennel, veal daube, monkfish with pancetta and herb gnocchi, black cod barigoule with basil nage, roasted duck filet, cheese tray.
Guests can not only pick their own lobster, but also choose from a variety of preparations by the ship's culinary team, such as broiled with lemon-butter fondue, a la nage with hollandaise sauce, and wok-flashed medallions atop Udon noodles in a kaffir lime and lemon grass broth.