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NAGINot A Good Idea
NAGINew Adventure Game Interpreter
NAGINational Association of Government Inspectors
NAGINational Association of Geographers of India (New Delhi, India)
NAGIN-Acetyl-Beta-D-Glucoseaminidase Index (kidney function measurement)
NAGINova American Group, Inc. (insurance; Buffalo, NY)
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For example, one other path is simulating a generic human brain instead of a specific one, and this sits somewhere between NAGI and WBE.
Nagi received a two-year prison sentence in 2016 and was accused of "violating public modesty", after a chapter of his novel "The Use of Life" was published in Akhbar Al-Adab, a subsidiary of state-owned Akhbar Al-Youm.
In December 2016, Nagi was released pending re-trial after the Court of Cassation accepted his challenge, but he is prohibited from leaving the country until the re-trial is concluded.
Dr Nagi frequently goes to Turkey to train medics who have fled Syria to improve their medical knowledge and help casualties of the brutal conflict.
Our defence of Nagi, and others persecuted and under attack, is not just a defence of the right of creative artists and opinion-holders to express their opinions -- whatever they are and in whatever language they choose -- without fear, it is not just in support of the community of writers or intellectuals; it is rather to raise the alarm about the terrible and terrifying path taken by the regime, a path that leads the entire country towards the abyss, through "assassinating" the public space of expression and confiscating the political space.
The team from the Westborough Little League and Softball, represented by Rob Nagi, Laurie Nagi and Jon McGrath.
At the core of the Barry threat was front man Anthony 'TJ' Nagi who proved a constant menace to the Prestatyn defence, and but for keeper Jon Hill-Dunt would have bagged a hatful of goals.
Nagi Abboud, CEO of Atlantique Telecom, said: "With the competitive landscape in our markets, we need to adapt our operating model to provide a better service to our end users.
That forced the match into extra time and it was TJ Nagi who made the difference.
com)-- Trianz, a global consulting and turnkey execution services firm, today announces the appointment of Nagi Marellapudi Director of ITS Delivery, to its leadership team.
Amar Dirar, Nagi Musa, Gazi Eltayeb, Mohamed Mahjoub, Sharif Kamal and Omar Hamid were arrested by National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) agents on 25 January after taking part in a public forum organized by Girifna, otherwise known as the "we're fed up movement", in Omdurman, Sudan.
Nagi is indeed a goddess, but by no means a fully-developed, wise one.