NAGLNot a Good Look (Internet slang)
NAGLNorth Atlantic and Great Lakes (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Undersea Research Center)
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The concentrations of NAGL in the urine of late premolt-stage females of two brachyuran species, Telmessus cheiragonus and Callinectes sapidus, were compared by Mann-Whitney U test.
Concentration and total amount of NAGL in urine over the premolt and postmolt stages
A total of 61 urine samples were used to analyze changes in concentration and total amount of NAGL in the urine from the premolt to the postmolt period.
NAGL concentration at the late premolt stage of Telmessus cheiragonus and Callinectes sapidus
The concentration of NAGL in the urine was highest 1 --6 days prior to molting.
The total amount of NAGL, which is based on a larger volume of released urine, may enlarge the size of the odor plume, while the concentration of NAGL in the urine may determine if the filaments are above the detection threshold.
Thus, NAGL is a possible component of a sex pheromone bouquet in helmet crabs.
These molecules, including NAGL, are supposed to be widely distributed in molting crustaceans, and can be components of the sex pheromone bouquet in these and other crustacean species.
Quantifying NAGL concentration can be a method to evaluate molt stage in other crustacean species, as well as in C.
The concentration of NAGL in hemolymph is unknown in both Telmessus cheiragonus and Callinectes sapidus.
Thus, NAGL is a premolt biomarker and candidate component of the courtship sex pheromone in T.
Abbreviations: NAGL, N-acetylglucosamino-1,5-lactone;[sup.