NAGMNational Annual General Meeting
NAGMNational Association of Governors and Managers (UK)
NAGMNormal Appearing Grey Matter (neurology)
NAGMNorth American Gypsy Moth
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Nagm El-Din Ayyub's dome is one of the most famous historical places in old Cairo.
DTI is a promising technique for detecting demyelination and axonal loss in MS lesions and revealing diffuse microscopic changes in NAWM and NAGM. Until now, most of the previous DTI studies have been focused on particular MS subtypes [17, 23, 36, 37] or combined MS groups [10, 20], while only a few studies have included all MS subtypes and CIS [11, 38, 39].
(36.) Nagm L, Luitgards-Moura JF, Neucamp CS, Monteiro-DeBarros FS, Honorio NA, Tsouris P, Rosa-Freitas MG.
Together with perfusion MR imaging, magnetization transfer imaging, and MR spectroscopy, DTI has made a significant contribution to the evaluation of "invisible" disease burden or occult lesions in normal-appearing CNS tissues (ie, NAWM, NAGM).
Bus driver Bassim Nagm, 28, told of his horror at being caught up in the carnage as he passed the recruiting centre.
Bus driver Bassim Nagm, 28, said: 'I was driving by when there was an explosion.
Over the years, numerous speakers from the Defense Contract Management Agency, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, The Department of Treasury, Veterans Administration, GSA and many more have supported NAGM's GRG program.
Khartoum, July23 (SUNA) - The secretary general of Federal Umma Party, Nagm Deraisa affirmed his party's rejection to all forms of foreign interferences in Sudan's internal affairs , stressing that Sudan is a sovereign state and no country has the right to intervene in its affairs.
FILE - CBE CAIRO -- 7 May 2018: Foreign currency inflows to banks operating in Egypt have risen to more than $80 billion since the flotation of the Egyptian currency in November 2016, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), Gamal Nagm said.
Also, the member of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA) Council, Mustafa Nagm al-Bushari, said the delay of the national dialogue would be a good opportunity if it was meant to engage all political force and armed groups in order to achieve positive results.
Youssry Galal, a student in the Computer Science Institute in Al-Abour, was shot in the head after security forces dispersed an anti-government protest in front of the Derb Nagm police station.
T1 and PD/T2 LL were evaluated; tissue segmentation (normal appearing white (NAWM) and grey matter (NAGM), CSF), regional atrophy, and DTI analysis were performed as well.