NAGWNational Association of Government Webmasters (est. 2005)
NAGWNational Association of Gypsy Women
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Nagw. Fyddwn i'n synnu dim - erbyn y bydda i'n 80 bydda i'n edrych ymlaen ato fe, i 'lithro i'r llonyddwch mawr yn ol'.
This work is supported in part by NASA (NAG 52895 and NAGW 2777) and by the NSF grants NSF EEC 94-02384 and NSF IRI 96-15534.
(42.) GOODWIN-GILL, supra note 1, at 25-28; Nanda, supra note 2, at 9 ("[States] retain the sole discretion to determine who enters their territory and on what terms."); see also NAGV & NAGW of 2002 v.