NAGWSNational Association for Girls and Women in Sport
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The purposes of the NAGWS Legacy Lecture were: 1) to briefly describe the 'legacy of best practices and values" that is the girls and women's sport (GWS) heritage, and 2) to describe how the heritage of GWS evidence-based work directly contributed to the global women's sport advocacy movement of the past 25 years.
The involvement of NAGWS and the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW) as leaders in the opening of the UN-based Treaties and Conventions to sport, and the meaningful inclusion of women in these events, was recognized as an important part of each organization's history.
NAGWS Panel: Our Collective Strength: Utilizing Title IX and Gender Equity to Secure Our Future.
During the NAGWS Panel on "Title IX and Gender Equity" panelists Judy Sweet, Shawn Ladda, and Chris Shelton connected aspects of Title IX to the work that is being done on behalf of active girls and women at all levels of sport.
The lecture is published in the format in which it was delivered at the NAGWS Rachel Bryant Lecture and Awards Program at the 2010 AAHPERD National Convention in Indianapolis, IN.
This is indeed an honor that touches my heart deeply since the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS) and its predecessor, the Division for Girls and Women in Sport (DGWS), its mission and the strong women leaders who believed in sporting opportunities for girls and women have been such an integral part of my personal and professional life.
This includes those women who have given their time, energy, and personal spirit to NAGWS; those who have come long before me as well as those of my peers who deserve to be acknowledged and heard.
I will then note some concerns I have regarding sport participation for girls and women and conclude with where NAGWS is going as an organization.
Career and psychosocial development programs offered through professional oriented groups such as the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS), Women's Sports Foundation (WSF), Women in the North American Sport Management (WIN), and the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) provide opportunities that may complement or serve as a substitute for individual mentors.
The NAGWS was the professional organization selected in reviewing group mentoring initiatives because of its reputation for being "the leading organization or equity issues in sports - champions equal funting, quality, and respect for girls' and women's sports" NAGWS, 2009a, para.
The career and psychosocial mentoring functions are important to the NAGWS organization.
The NAGWS provides the necessary professional development to prepare girls and women to take the next step in their career (Kram, 1985).