NAHEENational Association for Humane and Environmental Education
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Sushmaji ka koi reply aaya nahee lekin." Isha Thaim and his cousin, Ilyas Thaim, have been camping in the Capital for over a week, trying to get an appointment with Swaraj.
If so, then the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE) wants to know.
Accompanying the release of the 50-page storybook and 63-minute CD is Story Mountain, a new feature on NAHEE's Web site, KIND News Online, where visitors can sample three stories from Troubadour's Tales.
The top five turnover leaders were Lafarge Surma Cement, Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel, Islami Bank, Square Pharmaceuticals and Olympic Industries.
Quoted in Express (January 19, 2016) PTI leader Asad Umar says Obama cannot manage (sambhala nahee ja raha) his own country, but is worried (fikr khaye ja rahee hai) about Pakistan 10,000 miles away.
Recent winners include Nahee, Kiss De Ghazal, Mkeefa and Djet Taqouy.
Imran Khan while addressing the protesters and media channels warned SSP Captain (Retd) Illyas by shouting his name, "SSP Illyas Ham Tumhay Nahee Choran Gay.
Children's book awards, such as the Henry Bergh Children's Book Award (awarded by ASPCA) and the Kind Children's Book Award (awarded by the National Association of Humane and Environmental Education, or NAHEE) in the United States, are very good sources for information about such books.
'Binaa santokh nahee ko-u rajay......'--'Without contentment there can be no real fulfilment; without it, all our efforts are meaningless, just like the objects in a dream, which appear and then disappear without leaving any trace.'
"Animal themes grab students' interest and make abstract values like compassion, citizenship and responsibility come alive," notes NAHEE executive director Bill DeRosa.
As a reminder that the childhood lesson "be kind to others" applies to animals and the environment as well, the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE) publishes the classroom newspaper KIND.
21 For a free guide on forming a student earth/animal protection club in your school, along with a sample copy of the student newsletter KIND (Kids in Nature's Defense) News, contact NAHEE, Dept.