NAHISNational Animal Health Information System
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It is important to capitalize on this opportunity through "centres of excellence" like NAHI, as the industrys development promises a diverse range of opportunities for the local job market, and new choices for motivated and inspired young Omanis, said Haji al-Balushi, NAHI General Manager.
As the first specialised automotive institute in the Sultanate, NAHI serves to equip and empower Omani students as professional technicians across multiple disciplines within the automotive industry.
As a centre delivering a two-pronged approach in the theoretical and practical aspects of automotive education, NAHI is now working with renowned international bodies, such as the Institute of Motor Industry (UK), to further its level of accreditation.
Muscat, Jan 20 (ONA) The National Automotive Higher Institute (NAHI), Omans first specialised automotive organization, recently welcomed its second intake of students, who are now partaking in diploma programs, which focus on maintenance, body repair work, painting, parts management, customer service, sales and marketing.
After having announced the international accreditation of its academic and vocational courses, NAHI has continued to receive enquires for placements of civil, private and military personnel, to the end of raising the level of professional competency in establishments across the Sultanate.
Our stakeholders were present at the exhibition to engage visitors in simple face-to-face discussion, explaining the value of what NAHI is doing and the prospects that it is delivering to young, motivated Omani talents.
At the event, NAHI conducted informative workshops on what the opportunities of an academic or vocational course and a career in Omans automotive industry can offer.