NAHPNational Association of Hispanic Publications
NAHPNational Affordable Housing Programme (UK)
NAHPNational Association of Haitian Professionals
NAHPNorth American Health Plans, Inc.(est. 1983; administration)
NAHPNursing and Allied Health Professions (Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Indiana, PA)
NAHPNational Association of Housing Partnerships (est. 1990)
NAHPNational Animal Health Program (various organizations)
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"In the 28 years that Reflejos has been publishing, we have been very fortunate to be recognized each year with several honors by NAHP," Siete said.
NAHP has the same advantages of classical AHP for example user with a richer structure framework than the classical AHP, fuzzy AHP, and intuitionistic fuzzy AHP.
Officially bringing together Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trusts with Newcastle University, the NAHP is delivering world-class services through collaborative scientific research, education and clinical care.
The scholarship directory was initially published by NAHP when Andres Tobar was its executive director and Kirk Whisler was the directory's publisher.
The PS737,000 project, working with Knowsley contractor Fairtree Homes, has provided six new four and three-bedroom homes for affordable rent and is the first KHT new build to be finished with the latest round of NAHP funding.
"Alloy Access has clearly demonstrated impressive expertise, innovation, and professionalism throughout our long standing relationship serving the Hispanic media community," Ray Guerrero, vice president of marketing at NAHP, said in a statement.
The housing sector is offering to support NAHP investment with a financial contribution of around pounds 2.7 billion a year in the form of loans, and a reserves contribution of around pounds 2 billion a year.
Trimethylol urea was prepared by reacting one mole (6.0g) of urea with three moles (24.3ml) of 37% (w/v) formaldehyde using 0.2g of sodium dihydrogen phosphate (NaHP) (Chen, et al., 2001).
has joined with the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) in an effort to enroll 150 new member publications from across the nation.
Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) and the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) have announced a partnership that will give Continental "Official Airline" status for the NAHP's 2006 membership campaign and events.
PepsiCo and NAHP Foundation Together to Support Hispanic Higher Education.
The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) has voted to declare public opposition to the planned merger of the two Latino media giants.