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BEIRUT: Free Patriotic Movement MP Roger Azar Monday assured the public a new party headquarters in Nahr al-Kalb would not destroy the area's archeological heritage, clarifying comments made the day before by FPM leader Gebran Bassil.
A la mi-2007, le camp de refugies de Nahr al-Bared a ete detruit par l'armee libanaise alors qu'elle combattait Fatah al-Islam, un groupe de rebelles islamistes.
It turns out the waste and soil were dumped in a forest area separating the Metn and Keserwan, and they have been carried by heavy rains to the course of the Nahr El Kalb River, thus blocking it, he said.
CEO of FEP Capital Omar El-Maghawry said that the company was keen to sign a sponsorship contract with Nahr El-Kheir as a sort of enhancement to FEP Capital's role in NILEX after becoming the top company in the field of company registrations.
Further north in the Gulf, Nahr Umr is a sandstone of major importance as a reservoir, particularly in Iraq.
It is also clear that the huge Nahr el-Bared camp rebuilding project desperately needs more funding, and that Gaza has multiple needs as it continues to face a blockade which paralyses most of its economic activity.
Projects funded by Saudi Arabia have included contributions to the reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon, support to UNRWA core activities in health, education and relief and social services, as well as the flagship Saudi project to re-house Palestine refugees in Rafah, phase I of which was inaugurated in February this year.
Three horizontal wells in the Nahr Umr Formation of Halfaya Oilfield had been drilled.
Syria's state-run news agency said that troops are still chasing "terrorist elements" who fled from Nahr Aisha to Midan.
I have been reposting information from two blogs, Words of Actionand Nahr el Bared - aaac[euro] [euro]*aa[euro] [euro]*[euro][euro][macron] because the former is written by a journalist who is witnessing what is going on and the latter is collected from people who are in the camp."
Twelve were sentenced in absentia, including Absi, who escaped from Nahr al-Bared during the final days of fighting and is said to either be in hiding or in prison in Syria.
Recent declarations by Palestinian officials denying the existence of al-Qaeda cells inside refugee camps are aimed at preventing any escalation or repetition of Nahr el-Bared's painful experience.