NAHSNational Art Honor Society
NAHSNorth Allegheny High School (Wexford, PA)
NAHSNational Aboriginal Health Strategy
NAHSNorth Andover High School
NAHSNorth American Hyperthermia Society
NAHSNorthern Area Health Service (Queensland, Australia)
NAHSNorth Andover Historical Society (Massachusetts)
NAHSNorth American Heather Society
NAHSNorthampton Area High School (Pennsylvania)
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The ostler at a roadside public-house was holding a pail of water to refresh my horses, when a cart of very green oats, newly reaped, passed by, and he remarked, - 'Yon's frough Gimmerton, nah! They're allas three wick' after other folk wi' ther harvest.'
"Nah. Lemme tell you, Charley, an' I got the witnesses to prove it, so help me God.
Exogenous administration of the H[sub]2S donor sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) attenuates isoproterenol-induced cardiac injury and dysfunction.[sup][9],[10],[11]
Briefly, HUVECs were cultured in 96-well plates, exposed to D-gal for 46 h and various dosages of NaHS for 22 h.
Rats were randomly allocated to 5 groups: sham, shock, shock + drainage, shock + drainage + PPG, and shock + drainage + NaHS (n=6/ group).
(4) CCI + NaHS 15 mg/kg/day (NaH[S.sub.S] group, NS) (14 d),
Group III, protected group (n = 18): mice received an intraperitoneal injection of 1mL of NaHS solution (14 [micro]mol/kg) 30 min before I/R.
Fat-fed [ApoE.sup.-/-] mice treated with either 10 or 100 [micro]mol/kg/day NaHS had a significant reduction in systolic pressure compared to untreated mice (Figure 1).
Addition of GYY4137 led to a concentration-dependent reduction of up to 33 mM for 1000 [micro]M, whereas for NaHS the reduction was limited to 96 mM with the highest concentration (1000 [micro]M).
In this study, we investigated [H.sub.2]S production and the effects of NaHS on muscle contraction in vitro in Urechis caupo Fisher and MacGinitie, 1928, which is a large (60 g or more) worm that inhabits U-shaped burrows in mudflats along the California coast (22).
McNeil also presented an award to Ray Lemley, deputy executive director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, for his support of the NAHS initiative.