NAHSWPNational Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Paper (Australia)
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NAHSWP (National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party) 1989 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health strategy, NAHSWP, Canberra.
The strategy's central recommendation was the 'adoption of community controlled Aboriginal health services as the most appropriate service type, and for the transfer of primary level health services' to Aboriginal Medical Services (NAHSWP 1989:10).
An evaluation of the NAHS (NAHSWP 1994) found that governments at all levels had essentially ignored the recommendations of the report and that Indigenous health remained under-funded.
NAHSWP (National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party) 1989, A national Aboriginal health strategy, NAHSWP, Canberra.
and (NAHSWP 1989:x) that an Aboriginal perception of health is: not just the physical well-being of the individual but the social, emotional, and cultural well-being of the whole community.