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NAHTNational Association of Head Teachers (UK)
NAHTNational Affordable Housing Trust (Columbus, OH)
NAHTNetwork Against Harmful Traditions (human rights; women's rights; Vienna, Austria)
NAHTN-Acetyl-DL-Homocysteine Thiolactone
NAHTNeo-Adjuvant Hormone Therapy (prostate cancer treatment)
NAHTNational Alliance of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Tenants (est. 1991; Boston, MA)
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It is one thing for the NUT executive and the NAHT council to get worked up about this, it is quite another for NAHT members to take what will be an unlawful action.
Mr Wylie, a NAHT Warwickshire representative, said: "The government has got to listen to what we're saying because it's our job and we know what's best.
NAHT general secretary Mick Brookes said the survey had "strengthened" the union's resolve to press for the end of Sats.
Outgoing NAHT president Mick Brookes added: 'Teacher bashing seems to have been the sport for a number of years.
STAFF at privatised state schools should get a slice of the profits if the firms running them meet their targets, the NAHT urged yesterday.
Heads would merely be following the Government's own advice, the NAHT said.
e fact that the president of the NAHT has been moved to call this a 'complete and utter shambles' shows just how strongly school leaders feel about the situation and it does not give me con-'dence that the minister has been working on these tests in a collaborative way.
Anna Brychan, director of NAHT Cymru, said: "We know that the Welsh education system is facing a number of challenges, not least a shrinking public service spending pot over the next few years.
Parents are being "misled" by claims from schools secretary Ed Balls that their child's education will suffer if a boycott by the NAHT, and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) goes ahead, Mr Brookes said.
Last month the NAHT and NUT held a joint conference calling for Sats tests for seven and 11-year-olds (Key Stages 1 and 2) and league tables to be scrapped.
The NUT refused to sign up to the agreement when it was launched but the NAHT and other unions were on board.
According to the NAHT, the local education authority in Wolverhampton is spending only 79.