NAHUNational Association of Health Underwriters
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Ads will start running in the December issue of NAHU's national member magazine Slome explained.
Instead, minimum loss ratios can have unintended consequences," NAHU said in a statement.
"We are so pleased to have NAHU as a partner in this effort," declares Jesse Slome, AAMSI director and producer of the National Med Supp Summit.
NAHU offers member services such as continuing education programs and a magazine, but the association is known for advocacy, and that's what its members are primarily interested in, Corcoran said.
In commenting on the regulation, NAHU will argue that the regulation provides for an unrealistic transition period, from June 17 to July 1, Waldman said.
"NAHU members will push for passage of a refundable health tax credit, help to improve and spread the word about long-term-care insurance and fight mandates and bad legislation," Tuttle said in a statement.
In connection with the NAHU role, Goldmann is getting another kind of call.
“The leadership of NAHU members has a far-reaching impact on providing for the healthcare needs of individuals, families and business in their communities.
NAHU spokesperson Kelly Loussedes said, "Policymakers need to recognize that premium increases are the result of numerous factors, including increases in the price per medical service and greater utilization of services, adverse selection, new medical technology, cost shifting, state insurance taxes and fees, regulatory compliance, the aging of the population, and unhealthy lifestyles."
"NAHU is apprehensive that employers and health insurance agents and brokers will be unable to accept this new liability and will be unable to assist employers with HSAs through employer-sponsored health plans."
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"I'm always excited to be a part of such a dynamic organization as NAHU. But certainly especially thrilled to be part of the legislative area once again at a time when our members are becoming more critical to employers and consumers," Sue said.