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NAICNational Association of Insurance Commissioners
NAICNational Association of Investors Corporation
NAICNational Adoption Information Clearinghouse
NAICNational Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
NAICNational Air Intelligence Center
NAICNational Aging Information Center
NAICNational Association of Investment Clubs
NAICNorth American Industrial Classification System
NAICNative American Indian Center (Ohio)
NAICNorth American Interfraternity Conference
NAICNorth American Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
NAICNortheast Artificial Intelligence Consortium
NAICNorth American Industrial Code
NAICNorth American Industry Code
NAICNo Action Is Contemplated
NAICNuclear Weapon Accident & Incident Control
NAICNATO Analog Interface Converter
NAICNational Aeronomy and Ionosphere Center
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Advising farmers, especially those covered by the Corporation's Insurance on best agricultural practices, the NAIC MD noted that farmers have already been educated during various farmers sensitisation programs on how to maintain sound house-keeping on their insured projects.
Task Force Chairman Jon Godfread, North Dakota's insurance commissioner, noted that in examining regulatory barriers to the emergence of insurtech and other innovative insurance business models, task force members have found that state interpretations of the anti-rebating portion of the century-old NAIC model vary significantly.
This was the third InsurTech pitch competition at the NAIC Insurance Summit, a gathering whose conference attendees included insurance commissioners and other insurance industry leaders, NAIC said.
While the NAIC's accreditation program was originally intended to make more uniform the way states regulate their insurance industries, Velella said in a statement accompanying introduction of S.
"The plan capitalizes on an opportunity to provide a credible state vision for the evolution of our regulatory support tools," said NAIC CEO Michael F.
The NAIC prepares the direct premium tables to help regulators and analyze market concentration in the insurance market.
He also served as executive vice president of the NAIC from 1982 to 1985, and in 1990 won his first elected office when became governor of Nebraska, which he served until 1999.
Her role, she said, is to provide staff support to commissioners who represent the NAIC in international talks.
Leonardi acted after sending a letter to commissioners accusing the NAIC of embarrassing and treacherous governance issues, such as being throttled by a small cabal of members, and of being its own worst enemy through its clumsy, one-sided and fraught process of decision-making.
Louisiana-based NAIC offers personal auto insurance only in Louisiana, mainly in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.
Rick Harper, WisdomTree head of currency and fixed income, said, "Securing risk-based capital designations from the NAIC enables investors to look through the ETF wrapper to the underlying bonds, allowing for a practical assessment of the Fund."
Koken was the face of the NAIC as president in 2005 when Reps.